New Jane Austen serial publication

I have recently been introduced to a fabulous website which publishes Victorian literature in serial format – the way it was originally read by contemporary audiences in the 19th century. The site, has just started to publish Austen’s letters to her sister Cassandra written during the Summer of 1799 while Austen was living in Bath. The letters provide a unique insight into her life and the social world of the spa at the end of turn of the century. They also make reference to proof copies of Pride and Prejudice which the family were sharing years before the eventual publication of the novel.

I am also receiving weekly emails from the site with instalments of Dickens’s Old Curiosity Shop. I am looking forward to discovering whether, in the judgment of Oscar Wilde, I have a heart of stone when I reach the death of Little Nell. (LOL, as we now phrase it in textspeak.)

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