Interview with J Hillis Miller

Members of the Trollope Society who attended last year’s annual lecture by Frederik van Dam, and attendees at the earlier Leuven University conference on Anthony Trollope will have seen extracts from an interview with J. Hillis Miller. Thanks to the efforst of Frederik van Dam and others, the full interview is now available to be watched on You Tube.

One of the most important literary critics of the twentieth century, J. Hillis Miller transformed the academic landscape through his advocacy of deconstruction. In this intellectual portrait, shot at Hillis’s house on Deer Isle Maine, Miller reflects about the place of the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope in his thinking and writing, which leads him to consider the value of literature and the imagination in a world that is increasingly digitised and mediatised.

Interview Frederik Van Dam
Directed by Dany Deprez
Cinematography Jef Van Den Langenbergh
Sound recording Tom Keymeulen
Editing Bob Mees
Soundscapes James de Graef
Sound engineer Johan Vandermaelen
Produced by Frederik Van Dam and Ortwin de Graef

MMXV © Frederik Van Dam and Dany Deprez



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