A Nose-picker of the Highest Order

I am indebted to Friedrich Waidacher of Judenburg in Austria who found the following sketch by Theodor Fontane in a volume entitled Earth is the only Home Man has Got.

“One evening I met Mr. Trollope, a relative of the famous authoress of the same name. He was a wonderful person, most interesting for me, a real comedy character à la Mengler in Finally He Did It Well. Furthermore he is so naturally human, that he appears not only ridiculous but also pleasant. The English usually sit stiff as dolls, they never relax readily in company – especially not in women’s company. Mr Trollope, however, seemed to have abandoned any such constraints, he scratched wherever he itched and occasionally scratched, with evident pleasure, parts of his body that are scarcely decent. He also poked around in his teeth and was a nose-picker of the highest order. I was delighted with all this because I thought that in England this art was completely unknown.”

I am also indebted to Christian Kirsch, who took time out from his holiday in the UK to correct the translation.


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One response to “A Nose-picker of the Highest Order

  1. Glenn Shipway

    Mark, would this be Anthony or Thomas Adolphus?

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