Summer Celebration of Trollope

It is debatable whether Trollope would have found cause for celebration in the result of the referendum on whether to continue the UK’s membership of the European Union or to leave. His Victorian perspective, based on the UK’s position as the world’s leading industrial nation and the centre of an Empire on which the sun never set, would probably have led him to concur with the view, oft-expressed in jest these days, that in the event of fog in the channel (the meteorological equivalent a decision to leave the club by the UK) the situation could be summed up as “the Continent now isolated”. Thus the result of  yesterday’s vote would most likely be a matter of supreme indifference to him. A 21st Century perspective, reflecting the change in the UK’s position and reduced status in the world, might be less sanguine.

However, given the Jupiter’s political stance is best summed up in unqualified support for the Liberal Party under the Prime Minister Plantagent Palliser, we can perhaps turn our attention from current political controversies to the Trollope Society’s Summer Celebration of Trollope taking place at the Royal Horseguards Hotel tomorrow. The evening will include the formal welcome of Lord Fellowes as a new Vice President of the Society, a screening of “special content” from his recent production of Doctor Thorne, a performance of the specially commissioned cello piece Barchester Prayer and excerpts from the play Lady Anna: All At Sea. Here at least, I trust, there will be harmony.


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