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Omnium Gathering in Melbourne



Omnium Gathering 2

To celebrate what would have been Anthony Trollope’s 201st birthday, Trollopians gathered in Melbourne, hosted by John Spender. John even managed to include me by Skype – ain’t technology great – as they visited Ripponlea during their Autumn afternoon/my Spring morning at home in Bristol. Only wish I could have made it in person.



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The Trollope Jupiter Essays published

I am delighted to announce the publication in book form of a collection of essays previously published on this site.

The first part of the book is devoted to a chapter by chapter analysis of the new extended version of The Duke’s Children prepared by Professor Steven Amarnick and published by The Folio Society last year to mark the bicentenary of Trollope’s birth. This takes up fully half the book’s 242 pages.

The next two parts provide a similar analysis of the latest academic research published on Victorian serialization of novels in magazines and part-works and on Trollope’s complicated relationship with Ireland in both his life and his writing.

In parts four and five I get to shoot my mouth off about literature and popular culture generally and join the ranks of those providers of literary lists of “Greatest Novels Ever” for which the only qualification seems to be having an opinion on the matter. I suppose I am aspiring to address the brief given way back to the original BBC that it should “inform and entertain”.

The book is available through Amazon and other sources. The price for the paperback is pitched in the academic market range (for which read higher than your average paperback). This is largely the result of a half dozen or so colour illustrations without which it would be considerably cheaper but, I think, would fall short of its objectives – how do you illustrate Trollope’s process for editing The Duke’s Children then going back and making subsequent cuts for length better than by showing pictures of pages from the original manuscript with both those types of amendments?

The Kindle version of the book is much more reasonably priced and, bizarrely, I find pays me higher royalties than the paperback edition. Mine not to reason why, I guess.

The link below takes you to the UK Amazon site but the book is also available on the site and the various national Amazon sites around the world.  At least so Amazon informs me.


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