Trollope Society (and other) Reading Groups

“What on Earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?” – Anthony Trollope in The Warden.

Sharing the pleasures of a good read and swapping ideas on what you have just read are why I take part in reading groups.  Often someone will come up with a perspective which completely changes the way I view a book.  It is wonderful when this happens.

The Trollope Society has two such meetings coming up in January to discuss Trollope novels.

On 17 January the Cambridge Group will be convening to discuss Can You Forgive Her? For details of where and when contact Michael Williamson (

On 21 January the York Group will be gathering to discuss Phineas Redux. For more details contact Peter Lee at

There is also still time to join in the online Big Read of The American Senator with the Anthony Trollope Society Facebook Group. (A link to reach this group is in the sidebar to this post.) We are part way through the novel but you can catch up with all the chapter summaries and discussions online. My turn to do the chapter summaries starts next week, so I am trying to read a little ahead.

I am trying to plan ahead what I will read this year. I have a system of sorts which consists of various piles of books in varying degrees of proximity to my bedside. The rule of thumb is that the closer they get to being within easy reach while lying in bed, the sooner they are likely to be read. My unfortunate tendency to see a volume and buy it without due consideration means that the trail of book-piles now reaches the bedroom door and threatens to continue out into the corridor. However, I can still reassure myself that the situation is not yet so far out of hand as to be considered a crisis. I would define a crisis as when the book-piles get as far off as the front door.

Have a great year and read some great books during it.



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  1. I like your definition of a crisis!

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