An American Senator for Christmas

Fear not. I am not venturing into the murky world of US politics. Instead I am highlighting an opportunity to join in another Big Read organised by the Anthony Trollope Society on Facebook to celebrate Trollope’s Bicentenary.

The American Senator is a standalone novel by Trollope but it does include characters from the Political series – notably Glencora Palliser.  Indeed, the Ufford and Rufford United hunt which features significantly in the novel, and in the mind of the said American Senator, the wonderfully named Elias Gotobed, reappears (as does the senator himself) for a mention in The Duke’s Children.

The group will be reading this novel, along with a short diversion over Christmas to dip into Christmas at Thompson Hall, starting from Saturday 12th December. The group is a truly worldwide gathering which shares its love of Trollope literally (and I use this term in its correct sense rather than metaphorically) 24/7. If Trollope were to have an empire it is indeed one on which the sun never sets.

If you would like to join the Big Read of The American Senator then go to the link below to find out more:



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3 responses to “An American Senator for Christmas

  1. Glenn Shipway


    Thank you for your kind words and the plug. We might get some new members out of it!!


  2. Jenny

    What’s the name of the Facebook group? The link doesn’t work for me

  3. Hi Jenny. Sorry the link doesn’t seem to work for you. The facebook group is the Anthony Trollope Society. You could try the fourth of the “Useful Links” on the right hand side of the Trollope Jupiter website page.which should take you straight there. I do hope you are able to get through and join the group – the reads are always fun with members chipping in with insightful comments.

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