Joanna Trollope on Cider With Rosie

It may be heresy to Trollopians but Joanna Trollope’s favourite book is not by Anthony Trollope but by Laurie Lee. It is Cider With Rosie.

Lee grew up in the countryside just north of Stroud in Gloucestershire not very far from where I live now. He returned to the area for the last decades of his life and took mischievous delight in misdirecting schoolkids who came on English Literature field trips to visit the sites where incidents from the book, which had become a set text in the curriculum, took place. Little did they realise the batty old bloke was the author whose work they were studying. 

I was up there only a few weeks ago and enjoyed a challenging walk up and down the hills that he walked as a boy and described so vividly. 

To see Joanna discuss the book go to:


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  1. Glenn Shipway

    Mark, I also love “Cidar with Rosie”. I also like Lee’s “As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning”, especially when read in conjunction with Valerie Grove’s bio. She tells you all the things he didn’t reveal!

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