The Tailor of Gloucester

Trollope popped up outside The Tailor of Gloucester’s shop over the weekend. I used to love Beatrix Potter’s little books when I was growing up. The water colour illustrations were always so evocative of a bygone era of innocence.

I had no idea until I was visiting Gloucester that the shop from the book actually existed.

Of course, you will observe from the state of the pavement that I, indeed, went to Gloucester in a shower of rain. However, I stepped in no puddles (of any depth) and so have not been put off going there again. Far from it. My perambulations took me through the renovated (nay, rejuvenated) historic docks area which now boast a splendid array of museums (3 at least that I spotted), restaurants and cafes as well as other attractions to appeal to both children and adult visitors.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzeneger, “I’ll be [going] back”.



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2 responses to “The Tailor of Gloucester

  1. Glenn Shipway

    Our Author didn’t run into W.G. Grace by any chance, did he?

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