The Duke’s Children

I have been lent a copy (number 384 of the limited edition) of the new Folio Society complete unabridged version of The Duke’s Children which I plan to read over the coming weeks. I shall read it in parallel with my copy of the previously available “edited” edition so as to form a view for myself on the impact of the cuts on the story as a whole. 

I am looking forward to reading as well the Folio Society’s Commentary companion volume which I am hoping will shed more light on the process by which Professor Armanick and his team reconstructed the original draft of the novel. 

I will, as they say, keep you posted. 



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2 responses to “The Duke’s Children

  1. Green with envy… and looking forward very much to hearing your thoughts on the unabridged version.

  2. Glenn Shipway

    I am still waiting for my replacement copy to arrive. The first copy, addressed to my post office box, was returned as “undeliverable”. I look forward to reading your comments, Mark – I don’t think I have the industry to read them side by side!

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