Location, Location, Location

It is well-known that the three key factors in the potential success or failure of a business such as a shop or restaurant are location, location, location.

Yet in the world of fiction, location is a question that often goes begging.

Take Barchester. Is it Salisbury or Winchester? Or neither? Or both? Each makes claims to be the inspirational setting for Trollope’s great series. Far be it for me to take sides in that debate here but at least there is no doubt about the spiritual home for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. Or is there?

The story goes that Charles Dodgson, a lecturer at Oxford, made up the story to entertain the children of his friend Henry Liddell, including his daughter Alice from which the story gets its title, while taking them on a boat up Oxford’s Isis river for a picnic.

But in this 150th anniversary year, other locations are muscling in on the act. Suderland, Llandudno, Guildford and Lyndhurst in Hampshire are all staking their respective claims.

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