Trollope on TripAdviser

“I would like to say that my visit here was completely ruined by the awful local people that are allowed to hijack this place.”
No, Trollope didn’t write that review of the pyramids at Giza. It is one of a number of examples which have appeared on travel review website TripAdviser. Many say more the person posting the review than they do about the location. The reviews and reviewers may frequently appear culturally ignorant, arrogant and self-obsessed. 

Trollope’s reviews were more balanced and more insightful. But they did tend to be a bit longer. My copy of Australia and New Zealand runs to 645 pages while South Africa and North America check in at 552 and 530 pages respectively. 

They were, however, written in proper English unlike some of the barely literate examples I have encountered on the internet. 

For Trollope’s own take on the pyramids, try his story An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids

For more examples of “so bad they are brilliant” TripAdviser reviews try:


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