Trollope pops up on the MV Balmorel

Trollope popped up on the MV Balmorel, taking a trip up the Severn Estuary from Portishead to Lydney and Sharpness where there is a lock through which it vessels can access the Sharpness to Gloucester canal. This was the site of the Sharpness tragedy in which a freighter laden with fuel missed the lock in fog and collided half a mile upstream with one of the supports of the railway bridge over the Severn (at that time the first bridge over the river). In the resulting conflagration the ship sank with the loss of all but two crewmen’s lives and the bridge itself was destroyed.

Now the site is a tranquil beauty spit though the crew of the Balmorel must use all their skill to dock successfully in the strong and treacherous  currents.

For more information about cruising on the newly restored and refurbished Balmorel go to:

And for information about the charity which testored the Malmorel go to:


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