Collector strikes Gold online

We all dream of it. Buying that cheap item in the second hand shop and it turns out to be a lost masterpiece.

For scholar of Victorian literature Jeremy Parrott this is exactly what happened when he bought an old bound collection of copies of the periodical All The Year Round. On opening the box sent by the online bookseller he discovered that they were the personal set belonging to Charles Dickens which he had annotated throughout to indicate who had written the articles (which were all published anonymously in accordance with the magazine’s practice – as mentioned in my post last week).

Scholars at the annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Journals on Saturday were astonished to learn  the identity of the authors of more than 2,500 articles including hitherto unrecognised pieces by Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell.There is also a poem which might be by Lewis Carroll.

There is also clarification on some articles which had previously been thought to be by Dickens himself which it transpired were written by others but so heavily edited by DIckens for publication that they appeared to be his own.

For more information on this exciting discovery go to:


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