The Last Chronicles of Barset on Radio 4

The BBC has begun broadcasting its adaptation of The Last Chronicle of Barset. It is being aired at 3pm on Sundays (repeats at 9pm the following Saturday evenings) in four episodes. Dramatised by Nick Warburton it again features the omnipresent (omniscient?) Mrs Baxter whose peripatetic cooking skills employed in all the key locations at crucial moments give her unparalleled access to the action. Mrs Baxter, of course, did not feature in the Trollope originals and is a device to replace the authorial interventions, breaking the fourth wall, which Trollope employed.

It might be argued that using this Mrs Baxter character, like the adaptations made by Grennan and Skilton in producing the graphic novel adaptation Courir Deux Lievres/Dispossession discussed yesterday, is a technique to make use of the medium used in the adaptation.

She is, however, somewhat of a marmite effect. Do you love her commentary interjections or hate her intrusions?

Judge for yourself from the first episode now available on the BBC iplayer:


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