The Trollope Big Read


The Trollope Big Read is well underway.  We are reading Barchester Towers together.

I am this week’s “lead” reader and this is my latest post on the Facebook page for the Trollope Big Read.


Ullathorne Sports Act 1

The first rule of entertaining is that your principal guest(s) will be fashionably late. So it is with Miss Thorne. In spite of her strict instructions that the event id to start promptly at 12, no-one who is anyone has arrived by then.

Her friend Nrs Clantantram is first followed by Mr Arabin. Then Mrs Lookalift gatecrashes the quality part of proceedings with her daughters thereby scoring a tremendous victory over her neighbours who lack the nerve. Her husband’s discretion has been the better part of his valour and he is diplomatically ill rather than risk offending Miss Thorne.

The Grantly’s carriage arrives quickly followed by the Stanhopes. In the latter Eleanor feels that Mr Slope is being particularly greasy and objectionable. Charlitte notices too and realises the tactical error of having Slope rather than her brother in with Eleanor, which she thinks may cost Bertie dear.

Eleanor is horrified that Mr Arabin witnesses her being handed down from the carriage by Mr Slope.

Meantime the quintain pole has witnessed a disaster with the eldest Greenacre being unseated and only by good fortune avoiding serious injury. The quintain is abandoned.

As soon as she can Eleanor detaches herself from the Stanhopes and seeks out her father. Her attempt to explain the travel arrangement is missed by Mr Arabin who walks off before she has chance to expand on the bare facts.

She does however clarify for her father that she loathes Mr Slope. His too obvious relief gives away the fact that he had thought she liked Mr Slope. This naturally upsets Eleanor even more.

But at least a clear way through the muddle is starting to open up.

Here is the link to the Facebook page:



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2 responses to “The Trollope Big Read

  1. I’m a bit behind. But does The Big Read mean you’ll be reading the REST of the Chronicles?

  2. Hi Margaret I think the plan is to read The Dukes Children online next rather than try to go through the Barsetshire Chronicles in order. Of course there is overlap between the two series. Are you a member of the Trollope Society Facebook group? There is a link on the Jupiter page that takes you straight there. They organise online readings and so might be a good group to join.

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