Please Vote For Freewheelers EVS

The Jupiter today is given over to a charitable cause.

Pic: A Freewheelers motorcycle outside Burnham on Sea Hospital to collect blood to go to the Taunton pathology lab 35 miles away for testing to aid the diagnosis of a patient.
The AVIVA Community Fund is running a public vote to find causes for it to support.
On behalf of Freewheelers EVS, I have put in a bid for money to support its work providing emergency delivery of blood, medicines, samples, equipment, breast milk for premature babies and patient records etc between hospitals.
The service is wholly run by volunteers – no paid staff – and receives no financial support from government or local authorities.  We depend entirely on funds raised by public donations.
We help the NHS save lives.
And last year in the Bristol, Bath and Taunton areas we saved the NHS £275,000 in costs they would have had to spend to transport the items we carried for them free of charge. That’s the equivalent of 13 extra nurses’ salaries that can be used to provide the NHS care for our communities.
We provide the service on a fleet of motorcycles which we wear out covering 120,000 plus miles a year to support the NHS hospitals in our region.
We have asked for £22,000 to buy our next replacement bike and cover the first year’s running costs. It will make a huge difference to us as a charity if we win this money.
All you have to do is go to the AVIVA Community Fund website, register to vote then cast your 10 votes for Freewheelers EVS. Beware of imitations – Midlands Freewheelers have had the same idea so make sure you don’t vote for them by mistake 😦
Click the link below to find out more:
Please forward this link to all your friends, colleagues, Facebook Friends etc and ask them to register and vote for us. With your support and their support we could receive the money we need to replace one of the aging bikes in our fleet.

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