Election Fever

Trollope famously stood for the seat of Beverley in Yorkshire and singularly failed to impress the local voters. He took the rather unpopular stance of not bribing them with beer which pretty much killed off his chances at the polls.

His Political series includes some fabulous satire at the expense of politicians and their hangers on. It would take a lot for me to feel sorry for George Vavasor but even he elicits sympathy with his outrageous treatment at the hands of the thirsty voters during the general election which so unfortunately follows too close on the heels of his by-election victory for him to raise sufficient funds to “finance” his campaign.

The idea of buying votes – so explicit in Can You Forgive Her? – is still evident today.  There is a vast amount of political calculation that goes into the last budget of a Chancellor before the election – witness George Osborne’s vote-catching ideas a few weeks ago.



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