Victorian Writers in Limerick

The Interesting Literature blog recently featured the lives of some of our great Victorian novelists condensed into the form beloved of Edward Lear, the limerick. However, there was a glaring omission – Trollope was inexplicably missing from the collection.

Feeling the need to correct this oversight, I include my own attempt to capture the essence of Trollope in five lines that rhyme and scan.

A hobbledehoy, ‘Tony Trollope
Went to Ireland to hunt at a gallop
He wrote about Pallisers
And the Jilt, Alice Vavasor
He said critics were talking cadswallop

To read the potted biographies of other writers got to:

And if you think you can improve on my effort above, feel free to submit your own limerick about Trollope.  We may reproduce the best in future posts.




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5 responses to “Victorian Writers in Limerick

  1. Here’s another attempt:
    There was a young postman named Trollope
    Whose career had taken a wallop
    To Ireland he flew
    Where novels he drew
    That sold at the speed of a gallop

    John McC

  2. Nice one John. Definite improvement!

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