How many Trollope’s can you read in 24 hours?

In an innovative piece of marketing, author James Patterson’s latest novel Private Vegas will be available to readers online for just 24 hours. It then self-destructs. No ifs, no buts. Gone. (Not sure if you can then buy it a second time to read on…one way of boosting sales.)

One fan, for a price, gets to enact the whole thing with a “real” book, which is apparently primed to explode when the timer counts down to zero. It’s not clear if a bomb shelter is included in the prize.

Patterson has written over 100 novels – yes, more than twice Trollope’s total, though he does benefit from the assistance of co-authors. I’m not sure precisely how that works.  Does Patterson come up with the novel outline and characters then the co-auther gets to fill in the gaps with the requisite number of words? Whatever it is, it works with over 275 million books sold world-wide.

He is also a generous supporter of independent bookshops and increasing literacy so he gets our vote of support at the Jupiter.

The idea did however provoke some concerns about how Trollope might have fared with this approach. The WardenNina BalatkaLinda Tressel all spring to mind as short books that I could read in a day. But I don’t think I could make much headway into The Last Chronicle of Barset in 24 hours.  Let alone the new extended full edition of The Duke’s Children.

And who wants to charge through a Trollope? I can see this idea working for Patterson’s thrillers but I prefer to savour my Trollope’s at a gentler pace and really  immerse myself in his fictional world.

Read more about the Patterson approach at the link below:


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