DJ Chris Evans enlists royal support for the other children’s story competition

It’s clear that the Trollope Jupiter has Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans worried. Faced with fresh competition in the children’s short story competition stakes – the Trollope Jupiter launched its 2015 Young Writer’s Short Story Competition last week – he has turned to the Duchess of Cornwall for support in boosting his 500 word Challenge for under 13 year olds. The Duchess, who is a patron of the National Literacy Trust, has kindly agreed to appear with Evans at a workshop for aspiring writers taking place tomorrow in London.

Naturally we at the Jupiter are all for any event that promotes reading, literacy and enjoyment of the wonderful power of words to thrill, delight and touch the hearts of everyone of all ages. So we are 100% behind Chris’s Challenge and look forward to hearing the winning entries later in the year.

We would also like the Duchess of Cornwall to know that we too are available for her to support with our competition (details on our website) if she has a few minutes. Be lovely to hear from you, your Royal Highness (Hope that’s the correct way to address the Duchess!)


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