Did you get a Kindle for Christmas?

If so read on, for US doctors have found that they can be bad for you, causing you to have trouble sleeping and generally making you ill.

Of course, the scientists involved focused on the wrong thing.  They got all worried about light emissions and stuff like that, failing to spot the key issue. What were the guinea pigs (must have been smart rodents) reading? I can tell you now that if they had given me Stephen King’s The Shining or James Herberts The Rats (more rodents!) to read then I would most certainly have lost plenty of sleep. Conversely, something long, tedious and earnest or worthy – I don’t know, say Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy – would have me nodding off in no time.

Personally, I have the Complete Works of Trollope on my Kindle enabling me to dip at will into whichever of his novels, short stories or travel writing and non-fiction I happen to fancy at any given time.




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5 responses to “Did you get a Kindle for Christmas?

  1. Sheila Dinehart

    No, never! Tried it once and felt so strange…like missing a limb.

    • Peter Blacklock

      Wouldn’t be without my Kindle as there are so many books in my house a new one simply adds to the piles of them. In fact, when I went to Europe for Christmas I took with me approximately 200 books, including the compleat Trollope, all on Kindle. The Jupiter as always is right, its what you read not how you read that affects sleep.

  2. Peter, I am the same as you in that I use my Kindle to travel much lighter than I ever used to do. Happy New Year!

  3. ‘long, tedious, earnest, worthy’ – A Suitable Boy?! Oh Mark, this one of my favourites – couldn’t put it down.

  4. Hi Jane, in which case A Suitable Boy probably interfered with your sleep patterns. It’s too long for me at least to read at a single sitting. Glad you enjoyed it though. Maybe I ought to give it another try. After I get through the new extended version of The Duke’s Children, perhaps. 🙂

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