Photo of Piha Beach, West Auckland as featured in Jane Campion’s film The Piano

“AUCKLAND still considers herself to be, and certainly has been, the leading province of New Zealand”

“Because of its age, and old history, and early dealings with the Maoris, I regard Auckland as being the representative city of New Zealand,”

“Auckland is redolent of New Zealand. Her streets are still traversed by Maoris and half-castes, and the Pakeha Maori still wanders into town from his distant settlement in quest of tea, sugar, and brandy.”

“It may be well to notice here the fact that as Auckland considers herself to be the cream of New Zealand, so does New Zealand consider herself to be the cream of the British Empire.”
“is more English than any Englishman at home. He tells you that he has the same climate, — only somewhat improved; that he grows the same produce, — only with somewhat heavier crops; that he has the same beautiful scenery at his doors, — only somewhat grander in its nature and more diversified in its details, that he follows the same pursuits and after the same fashion, — but with less of misery, less of want, and a more general participation in the gifts which God has given to the country. He reminds you that at Otago, in the south, the mean temperature is the same as at London, whereas at Auckland, in the north, he has just that improvement necessary to furnish the most perfect climate in the world. The mean temperature of the coldest month at London is 37°, which is only five degrees above freezing, whereas at Auckland it is 51°, which enables growth to continue throughout the whole year. Of the hottest month the mean temperature at Auckland is only 68°, which, — says the Aucklander, — neither hinders a European from working, nor debilitates his constitution. All good things have been given to this happy land,”

Excerpt From: Trollope, Anthony. “Delphi Complete Works of Anthony Trollope.” Delphi Classics, 2012-01-22. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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2 responses to “Auckland

  1. Things have changed a little since then…

  2. True, but he’d have done the Skywalk if it had been there at the time!

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