Trollope in his travel book Australia and New Zealand says:
““I despair of being able to convey to any reader my own idea of the beauty of Sydney Harbour. I have seen nothing equal to it in the way of land-locked sea scenery, — nothing second to it. Dublin Bay, the Bay of Spezzia, New York, and the Cove of Cork are all picturesquely fine. Bantry Bay, with the nooks of sea running up to Glengarrif, is very lovely. But they are not equal to Sydney either in shape, in colour, or in variety. I have never seen Naples, or Rio Janeiro, or Lisbon; — but from description and pictures I am led to think that none of them can possess such a world of loveliness of water as lies within Sydney Heads.”

Excerpt From: Trollope, Anthony. “Delphi Complete Works of Anthony Trollope.” Delphi Classics, 2012-01-22. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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Although the view has changed since Trollope’s time, I can vouch for its continued loveliness as, I hope, my photo taken from the harbour bridge will testify.


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