Pedants strike back

I attach an article by Steven Pinker. It is about writing and points out why pedants are wrong to be pedantic. Unfortunately it labels the pedants grammar Nazis (my underlining) before going on about how they – or should I say “we” since I am about to demonstrate my own pedantry – make a fuss over people changing the meaning of words. As a pedant, I feel bound to point out that this shift in the meaning of words is not the concern of the grammar Nazi.

As a grammar Nazi, I worry about sloppy grammar changing the meaning of sentences. I’m with Lynne Truss on the definition of a panda. It eats shoots and leaves. It never eats, shoots and leaves.

The stray comma intoduces the concept of the gun-fighter panda not yet seen in the wild (no matter how livid it became on being captured – with thanks to Rowan Atkinson and Mel Smith for that gag (which was not used to stifle my expressing this viewpoint! LOL. ))


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