New “Agatha Christie”


Some 38 years after Agatha Chrisitie’s death, and 39 years after his last appearance in Curtain, Hercules Poirot returns in a new novel, written by Sophie Hannah, called The Monogram Murders.

The modern phenomenon of the “continuation novel” is familiar territory and all too often the product is inferior to the original. At best these books are an intriguing afterthought for completist collectors, such as the Bond novels by authors as diverse as Sebastian Faulks, Jeffrey Deaver and Kingsley Amis. Some are downright dreadful.

The billing of this new novel by Sophie Hannah indicates that this is the first of a new series.  Let us hope that they are good.

Of course, Trollope himself, has been the subject of a continuation novel. Fans of the political novels can now read the further exploits of Phineas Finn in Phineas At Bay, written by John Wirenius, which is now in a second, slightly revised/corrected edition.

For more information on the new Poirot go to:

For the new Phineas Finn go to:


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