Trollope compared to Thackeray

I am grateful to W D Pechin who spotted the following critique of Trollope by Gerald E SeBoyer:

“A follower of Thackeray is Antony Trollope, who chronicled the doings of society in a cathedral town of mid-Victorian England. He was the most indefatigable of workers, writing two or three novels at a time. The result was some eighty novels, of which “The Warden”, “Framley Parsonage”, “Barchester Towers”, and “The Last Chronicle of Barset” still give pleasure by their accurate pictures of a quite English town. Trollope had no illusions concerning the merit of his work. He made no claim to the title of artists, but regarded himself only as a conscientious workman, portraying a variety of characters in a limited world; a world, however, in which the struggles and jealousies, tho trivial, were as potent as in the London of Thackeray.”

A case of damning with faint praise I feel. And some questionable maths.  Trollope was prolific but not that prolific.  Some short stories being promoted to full novel status perhaps?


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