What would Mrs Proudie have said?

So the Church of England is to have women bishops. A mere 157 years after Mrs Proudie dominated her husband the bishop in Barchester Towers securing appointments for her favoured candidates and generally wearing the trousers in both their public and personal life. Would she have thrown her formidable energies behind the campaign for women bishops or would she have seen that as being contrary to the Bible’s teachings? Who knows how she, and the events she affected, might have turned out had she been in a position of personal power rather than exercising her influence through her weak, compliant husband. I like to think that she might have made rather a better fist of being bishop than did her husband.


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One response to “What would Mrs Proudie have said?

  1. Glenn Shipway

    Mrs. Proudie would have said: “What is all the fuss about? I was the Bishop of Barchester almost 160 years ago. Well, not in name but certainly in spirit.”

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