Portrait of the Author as a Fictional Character


The Story Museum in Oxford has an exhibition which shows photographic portraits of authors.  So far, so what? The twist in this collection of portraits is that each of the authors is dressed up as their favourite fictional character.

As which character do you think Trollope would have chosen to appear? I suppose the beard would have restricted his choice to middle aged male characters? But perhaps not seeing the portrait of Terry Pratchett above (looking immensely Trollopian, I think).

And who might you wish to be if given the same opportunity? You can be any fictional character you like…except Scott Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 1, because I’ve bagged him (yes, that’ll be me in the uniform with the strings and the decidedly dodgy walk).




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2 responses to “Portrait of the Author as a Fictional Character

  1. Could I be a fictional character from a cartoon? I always loved the idea of being Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

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