J.K. Rowling is the new Trollope


Literary scholar John Sutherland of University College London has stepped into the fray and declared that the modern novelist most like Trollope is J.K. Rowling.

His grounds for this include writing series of six books and, by close examination of the text, marrying heroes and heroines off to the wrong people. He cites the revalation made by Rowling that she thinks it was a mistake to marry Hermione Grainger off to Ron Weasley and Harry Potter to Ron’s sister Ginny and draws comparisons with Trollope’s failure to marry off Lily Dale to Johnny Eames and, conversely, marrying Glencora to Plantagenet Palliser rather than Burgo Fitzgerald.


I must confess that I disagree with Professor Sutherland on the matter of Glencora and Plantagenet’s marriage.  Whatever the beginnings, they do love each other (Plantagenet foregoes the Chancellor of the Exchequer position for her and what stronger evidence can there be knowing what we do about his political ambitions) and the doubts that Glencora experienced are realistic and recognisable to many people.

Is Professor Sutherland right? What do you think?


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