I wonder what Trollope would have made of the European Election. Apart from his obvious amazement that Britain would be a part of Europe to participate in such an election at all, I think he might well have found parallels between his unhappy experience as a would-be Liberal candidate in the Beverley by-election in 1868 and that of his modern day Liberal Democrat successors. He describes in his Autobiography how his agent told him: “You won’t get in. I don’t suppose you really expect it… You will spend £1000 and lose the election. Then you will petition and spend another £1000… there will be a commission, and the borough will be disenfranchised. For a beginner… that will be a great success.” What might Nick Clegg regard as success? For a fictionalised account of proceedings you can also read Ralph The Heir.



May 22, 2014 · 7:30 am

4 responses to “Electioneering

  1. Mr Clegg? Not being wiped out completely.

  2. Rather like Trollope in Beverley.

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