Crime Short Stories Too

Leaving Crime Fest 2014, I must mention the one physically menacing character that Trollope created, Aaron Trow. Appearing in a short story published in the second Tales of All Countries collection in 1863, he is an escaped convict who appears at the home of Anastasia Bergen and terrifies her into preparing him some food but then attacks her when she does not give him money as well.  He is eventually killed in a dramatic struggle by Anastasia’s fiance, Caleb Morton.

There are also two short stories, The Man Who Kept His Money In A Box and Katchen’s Caprices in which boxes containing valuables go missing and may, or may not (you have to read them to find out), be stolen.

I don’t know whether the last few days’ posts have made the case for Trollope the crime writer, but I hope they have at least shown he was more than simply a recorder of domestic dramas.


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